Hong Kong Emergency Nurses Association


Life in PRCC in EN

Post-Registration Certificate Course in Emergency Nursing (PRCC in EN) is a well-organized course held by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Coordinating Committee (A&E), Hospital Authority Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies, Hong Kong Society for Emergency Medicine and Surgery and Hong Kong Emergency Nurses Association. It is a recognized program for nurses to acquire a specialty education in emergency nursing. The course included a board spectrum of learning activities, such as lecture, presentation, group project, simulation workshop and clinical practicum. We have learnt much updated knowledge from experts in the field. For example, we visited the Fire Service Department to learn the Chemical, Biological, Radiation & Nuclear facilities. It was a nice experience to familiar with the principle during a HAZMAT incident.

Ambulance attachment was a fascinating feature of this course. As nurses working in the emergency departments, handover and collaboration with ambulance crew is a part of our daily routine. However, we may not know much about the pre-hospital care provided by Hong Kong ambulance service. The attachment allowed us to closely observe and understand the differences between pre-hospital care and nursing management in the hospital settings.

Group project was the highlight of the course. Classmates from different emergency departments worked together on a topic and shared their ideas with each other. Innovative thoughts were exchanged throughout the process. The findings of group project helped us to improve our clinical practices.

Emergency nursing care is ever changing. Sometimes, it can be challenging in daily situations we encountered. This course helps to equip ourselves with knowledge, skills and critical thinking to meet the challenges in future.

圖文:Kylie Poon (RN/AED/QEH)