Hong Kong Emergency Nurses Association


Life in PRCC-EN

ENC 2018

Studying Post-Registration Certificate Course in Emergency Nursing is one of the milestones for every emergency nurse. Although this is one of the toughness post-registration course in IANS, we have had gained a lot during the learning journey. The course enriched our professional knowledge on emergency care, provided many opportunities to work with nurses from different emergency department through a group research project, and, broadened our exposure on emergency care practice via visiting Government Flying Service, as well as CBRN facilities from Fire Service Department.

For me, the ambulance attachment is the most impressed part of the course. This experience nurtured my understanding of the professionalism and efficiency of Hong Kong ambulance service, the limitation on modern pre-hospital care, and their connection with the emergency department. Apart from the valuable visit and attachment, the seminar and experience share sessions from experts in the field of emergency care have also brightened my mind regarding our current emergency care practice, and perhaps, our future dedication towards local emergency nursing.

Jacky Lam (PYNEH RN)