Hong Kong Emergency Nurses Association



Hong Kong International Airport Aircraft Crash and Rescue Exercise

was completed on 9 Nov 2018. It is an annual event to prepare for a major incident of the airport, with all concerned parties including Airport Authority, Security Bureau, Home Affairs Bureau, Fire Service Department, Immigration, Police, Axillary Medical Services, St John’s Ambulance and Hospital Authorities etc. The role of Hospital Authority is to provide immediate emergency medical support to the victims of the exercise on the scene and to test the logistic, internal and external communication and cooperation of this major incident. MCO from YCH and EMT from NLTH and QEH were dispatched to the scene.



All victims were rescued and escorted to the pier by Rescue Boat and then to the related treatment zone.

EMT assessed and treated “RED” victims. The patient will be transferred to hospital after initial medical management with priority.

AMS and St John’s ambulance staff helped patient being categorised Yellow/ Green by on-site FSD staff. EMT would screen and provide necessary medical support to them.


This is MCTC, a mobile centre for the critical and emergency patient, equipped with surgical procedure instrument and consumables. Victim(s) would be loaded to MCTC for an immediate surgical procedure.

Script by Tam Mantat (RN, AED QEH)
Photo credited to Chau Chi Wai (AC, AED, QEH), Wong Chi Yip (APN, AED, QEH)