Hong Kong Emergency Nurses Association


Life in ENC

The Post-Registration Certificate Course in Emergency Nursing 2016-2017 has just been completed in late May. This year, there were 41 emergency nurses from 17 A&E Departments participating in this 40-week course. It was an inspiring learning experience, not only because of the advanced knowledge and nursing cares taught in the class but also the exclusive exposures. We had an opportunity to visit Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) facilities from the Fire Service Department as well as the Government Flying Service (GFS). The attachment to the ambulance service provided us a valuable experience and had a better understanding about pre-hospital healthcare delivery.

This course serves as a platform which allow us to meet emergency nurses working elsewhere in Hong Kong. We have shared days and nights together in classes and in groupwork. Though exhausting, the moments we had were memorable.

Number Hospital Name Rank
1 PYN Choi Wing In RN
2 PYN Hon King Man RN
3 RTSKH Chin Man Ting RN
4 SJH Lee Tsz Yan Catherine RN
5 QMH Au Hoi Wai Mary RN(SP)
6 QMH Lai Wai Ching RN
7 QMH Lo Siu Ki RN
8 QEH Cheung Nga Yu RN
9 QEH Tam Man Tat RN
10 TKO Chan Ling Ling RN
11 TKO Wu Ho Ming RN
12 UCH Leung Man Wai RN
13 UCH Lui Po Yee RN
14 CMC Au Ting Ting Tammy RN
15 CMC Ling Pui Ting Nicola RN
16 CMC Yan Kwan Wai Carol RN
17 KWH Chan Ho Yan RN
18 KWH Luk Chun Yu RN
19 NLT Tai Ki Yan Tiffany RN
20 PMH Chan Hiu Wai RN
21 PMH Lee Lai Man RN
22 PMH Li Sun Fei RN
23 YCH Chan Yiu Kwan RN
24 YCH Chun Chi Pong RN
25 YCH Ho Man Ling RN
26 YCH Tang Wai Shan RN
28 AHN Tsang Lap Man RN
29 NDH Chan Po Ki RN
30 NDH Tong Wing Kam RN
31 PWH Cheung Karen RN
32 PWH Chung Yat Wai RN
33 PWH Hui Hiu Ying RN
34 POH Cheung Ka Ling RN
35 POH Fung Wing Yee RN
36 TMH Chan Ka Woon Yonique RN
37 TMH Hung Ka Lee RN
38 TMH Lee Wai Ha RN
39 TMH Man Shuk Ying RN
40 TMH Wong Lai Lan RN
41 TMH Yip Pui Ling Queeny RN