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Event RoundUp ~The 6th Hong Kong Emergency Nursing Seminar

The 6th Hong Kong Emergency Nursing Seminar

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In partnership with the Hong Kong College of Emergency Nursing (HKCEN), we organized the 6th Hong Kong Emergency Nursing Seminar on 7 June 2017 in the Lecture Hall of Caritas Medical Centre Hospital

The seminar provided an excellent opportunity for nurses to update their knowledge related to emergency nursing in Hong Kong. More than one hundred nurses joined the event.

The presentations covered topics in various aspects such as “Use of ECMO in Marathon”, “Do Trauma Team Activation Make a Difference”, “ACLS in Wilderness”.

Moreover, we invited clinical leaders in emergency nursing to share their views and experiences after their oversea visit on emergency care in Scotland.

Winner of the Best Project in PRCC (Emergency Nursing) 2015-2016, presented their prospective study on assessing the accuracy of nurse performing ultrasonography on suspected subcutaneous abscess.

Overall, the seminar was success. We are actively preparing the seminar and we are looking forward to seeing you all in our 7th Emergency Nursing Seminar next year.

撰文/攝影:Alex Chan (UCH)